Computing and Technology Conference for Her

About the Conference

Try/CATCH's highlights include a keynote, workshops, and a Women in Tech panel discussion with women from our sponsor companies. By participating in Try/CATCH, high school female students will gain an in-depth knowledge of computing science, engineering science and the possibilities that it offers. Girls will be able to explore and ask questions in a friendly and positive environment specifically designed for them. As well, the opportunity to speak with both female mentors and company sponsors will improve networking skills and allow high school students to glimpse into the real world that exists beyond their secondary education. Most importantly, however, is that girls connect with their peers, have fun, and come away with an increased sense of the support that women in computing science and engineering science have. Try/CATCH is also a great opportunity to demonstrate that there are many females working in both fields which are viewed as “men’s only” professions.

In 2016, Try/CATCH will feature a 2 hour VEX robotics workshop, a 1 hour Azure Machine Learning workshop, and a 1 hour programming workshop. Beside the workshops, lunch will be provided and the participants will have an opportunity to get to know their peers.

We are also inviting parents to the info session at the end of the event so that they will also gain an insight of what computer science and engineering science can do for their daughters’ future. At the same time, the girls will attend a Women in Tech panel to discuss with industry representatives what it's like to have a career in computer science or engineering. Students will be able to learn more about the growing advantages of working in the technology field as they meet and network with the presenters. Prizes will be given at the end of the event through various raffle draws.

To help us spread the word about Try/CATCH, please download the poster by clicking here.